Review for Engaging Deception

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Rating: 4 stars

Genre: Historical Romance

Blurb: Olive Kentworth has spent her life hiding her interest in architecture, even though she pores over architectural books and sketches buildings. When she accepts a job on a home expansion, it’s only because her cousin Amos agrees to pose as the builder. To further hide her involvement, Olive takes a position as a nanny–not knowing that she’ll be working for her idol, Joplin’s leading architect, widower Maxfield Scott. Maxfield is intrigued by his new nanny–she makes his home and his life bearable again. His work, on the other hand, is a disaster. An untrained builder is remodeling a completed project of his. What’s worse, Maxfield’s current client wants changes to his plans because of that builder’s work. As the architectural one-upmanship heats up, Olive’s involvement becomes harder to hide. Will the relationship between her and Maxfield survive, or will they both miss out on building something for their future?

1) What did I like about the book?

I liked Olive’s occupation of being an architect. It was frowned upon for women to have that type of profession during the late 19th century and I love books when they push that boundary. I also liked the scenes where Olive’s family schemed to get her and Maxfield together and those schemes created a few embarrassing yet funny moments.

2) What did I least like about the book?

I wish there would have been more danger/adventure when it came to Olive and Maxfield’s journey. But the absence of it, didn’t make the story less intriguing.  

3) How did I feel about the ending?

I was happy about the ending. It wrapped up not only this book but the two books and novella in the series. It gave a glimpse of the characters and what is happening with them.  

4) Who would enjoy this book?

Readers who like a good love story with a competition between the heroine and hero would enjoy this book. Purchase links:

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