A Villain with a Scheme

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Every romance story needs a villain. And for my current WIP (work in progress) The Carpenter’s Schoolmarm, that villain in none other than Oliver Davis. If you would like to know more about the setting, heroine, and hero you can by clicking on the links below.

Setting for The Carpenter’s Schoolmarm

Samantha Baxter-Schoolmarm

Michael Brooks-Carpenter

Oliver, a self-absorbed lawyer, has his sights set on marrying Samantha, the heroine, solely for her wealth. He is determined and will stop at nothing to acquire what he desires. When I came across this image of Tom Hiddleston, I knew this was Oliver – the sharp jawline and piercing grey green eyes. His slicked back hair, tailored suit, and piercing gaze dares anyone to defy him.


Here are some fun facts about lawyers in the 19th century.

*In 1850, there had been one lawyer for every 1,000 Americans. By the 1880s there was one for every 780 Americans.

*Unlike their predecessors, lawyers in the 1880s, were mainly trained in professional schools instead of “reading law” in the office of a practicing lawyer

*Some lawyers moved away from general practice and started working for corporations

*The American Bar Association was formed in 1878

-201 members came from 29 states. although that was only a fraction of the nation’s 64,000 lawyers

*Early lawyer apprentice duties included drawing up routine contracts and wills, and studying the standard treaties. This was also known as “reading law”.


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