Review for Forged In Love

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Forged in Love

Wyoming Sunrise #1

Mary Connealy

Wagon Wheel rating: 4

In 1870, Mariah Stover is left for dead and with no memory when the Deadeye Gang robs the stagecoach she’s on, killing her father and brother. As she takes over her father’s blacksmith business and attempts to move forward, the old-fashioned townspeople meet her new occupation with disdain.

Handsome and polished Clint Roberts escaped to Western Wyoming from the painful memories he left back east. In the hope of a new life, he opens a diner where he creates fine dishes, but is met with a harsh welcome from the townsfolk who prefer to stick to their old ways.

Clint and Mariah are drawn together by the similar trials they face in a new town, and Clint is determined to protect Mariah at all costs when danger descends upon her home. As threats pursue them from every side, will they survive to build a life forged in love?


I enjoyed the first book in Mary Connealy’s newest series, Wyoming Sunrise. Connealy switched the female and male roles by having a female blacksmith and a male chef. Now a days, it’s a common thing but in the 1870s, it wasn’t. The story moved along at a quick pace. I wish there would have been more depth to Mariah and Clint’s relationship, but I still enjoyed the story. Readers who love an action-packed adventure with romance trickled in will enjoy this book.


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