Review for Hearts of Steel

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Hearts of Steel

The Blackstone Legacy #3

Elizabeth Camden

Wagon Wheel rating: 5

Maggie Molinaro survived a hardscrabble childhood in the downtrodden streets of Manhattan to become a successful businesswoman. After a decade of sacrifice, she now owns a celebrated ice cream company, but when she offends a corrupt banker, she unwittingly sets off a series of calamities that threaten to destroy her life’s work.

Liam Blackstone is a charismatic steel magnate committed to overhauling factory conditions for the steelworkers of America. Standing in his way is the same villain determined to ruin Maggie. What begins as a practical alliance to defeat a common enemy soon evolves into a romance between two wounded people determined to beat the odds.

A spiraling circle of treachery grows increasingly dangerous as Liam and Maggie risk their lives and fortune for the good of the city. It will require all their wit and ingenuity to navigate the dangerous waters ahead, but their crusade could cost them everything.


Finally, Liam’s story!! I’ve been waiting not so patiently for his chance at love. The struggle Liam has with doing what’s right and his duty as a board member of the U.S. Steel company has the reader struggling with him. And I couldn’t help but root for Maggie in trying to keep her ice cream shop along with the other businesses along Gadsen Street.

Camden’s historical details about the ice business interested me. I have never been disappointed when picking up one of her books.


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